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Why would I want to volunteer?

Volunteering is at the heart of democracy. It provides a venue for getting involved and in having more of a voice in the direction of Mountain View. In order for that message to get out, we are counting on volunteers to help spread the word. A successful campaign requires the talents and work of a large number of people. There are many jobs to be done, and many different ways you can help.

I've never worked on a campaign before, what are some of the jobs?
Precinct Walker: Walk your neighborhood with Matt Pear, or on his behalf, distributing campaign information and talking to your neighbors about the issues involved in this election.
Sign Tender: Work with the Sign Manager to post campaign signs around the city and replace missing or damaged signs.
Booth Tender: Work a booth at the Art & Wine Festival or the Farmer's Market, answering questions and handing out campaign information.
Envelope Stuffer: Help Matt Pear out with mailings, which will get the word out to the community about the campaign.
Rally Supporter: Attend events around the city with Matt Pear or on his behalf, in order to answer questions and hand out information.
Host a Neighborhood Event: Hold a neighborhood get-together in order for your neighbors to meet Matt Pear and talk about the issues facing Mountain View.

That sounds great and all, but I'm not sure I have enough time to help out...
Life in Mountain View can be rewarding, fun, and time-consuming; however, there are ways to help with the campaign on a tight schedule. Even if you can only help out at one or two events, your presence will make a difference. Or, if you just can't find the time, you can place a sign in your yard or donate to Friends of Matt Pear and show your support for the campaign.

Okay, you got me. Where do I sign up?
Just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. With your help, we will meet the challenges we face in the changing times ahead. A vote for me is a vote for all of us!

Volunteer & Sign Hosting Form - Sign me up!

Name  (first and last)

Street  Address 

City                                            State                                      Zip Code
Phone   Number

Email Address

I'd like help out (check all that apply):

  Walk A Precinct And Distribute Literature
  Permit The Use Of My Name As A Supporter
  Host/Co-Host A Coffee Or Tea For Other To Meet Matt
  Host/Co-Host A Fundraiser
  Help Tend Signs
  Help Stuff Envelopes
  Rally Supporter
  Display A Lawn Sign
  I'll do whatever you need
  I don't know, but I want to do something

If you have any special skills or resources that you'd like to contribute, let us know:

Please click the submit button only once and wait for confirmation.

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