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August 18, 2004

The Honorable Sally J. Lieber
California State Assembly
State Capitol Building, Suite 4162
Sacramento, CA 95814
Assembly Joint Resolution 86
Dear Assemblywoman Sally Lieber:

The City of Mountain View has long valued NASA Ames Research Center as an important contributor and partner in our local and regional economy through its collaborative relationships with local businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities that support the advancement of information technology, aeronautics and space research.

Because of the presence of three NASA centers in California-Ames Research Center, Dryden Flight Research Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)-space is a $24 billion enterprise in the State, generating more than 130,000 direct and an additional 220,000 indirect jobs throughout the State. The annual economic impact of the three NASA centers to the State of California already exceeds $3 billion.

The proposed Fiscal Year 2005 Federal budget for space exploration, if fully funded, will likely provide additional opportunities for the Ames Research Center as well as the other two NASA centers in California to further expand their contributions to the State and local economy through the advancement of new technologies, research, partnerships and products related to space exploration.

Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 86 requests that Congress and the President enact and fully fund the proposed 2005 Federal budget for space exploration. The City of Mountain View supports AJR 86 in its efforts to protect and enhance the position of Ames Research Center as an important contributor to our local and regional
economy and the Country's space exploration program.


Matt Pear

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